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The Sevo Show

With over 1.6 million TikTok followers and 43 million likes on my videos, my content has a proven track record in generating increased sales for clients.

Rather than hiring models or actors, you’ll get added bang for buck by featuring me in your brand-produced content.

I only partner with brands I genuinely value and respect, and my followers know this.

With a large, loyal following across various mediums, I expose your brand to new markets while adding credibility to your product or service, skyrocketing reach, awareness and trust.

Each of my partnerships offered will include the production of one new video (creating, postings and community management) per week (specifially for your brand) uploaded onto my TikTok page, The Sevo Show (@sevspics). 

Perth, Western Australia
Asset Type: Media
Available Winboards
  • Digital
    1 month partnership
    $7,000 per 4 weeks
  • Digital
    6 month partnership
    $30,000 for 26 Weeks
  • Digital
    12 month partnership
    $50,000 for 52 Weeks

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